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Paying tax is every taxpayer’s responsibility and obligation, whether you are managing a company or an individual.

We deal with your tax issues basing on your commercial reality and your state of life.

•Tax Planning

•Personal Income Tax
•Corporate Income Tax
•Capital Gains Tax

•Goods and Services Tax

Our dedicate professional team will provide you with meaningful, accurate and timely financial and management report. We prepare the accounts in accordance with Singapore Accounting Standards and Companies Act requirements.

•Preparation of Financial Statement
•Management Reporting

  • Budget Preparation & Monitoring
  • Annual Company Reviews
Business planning

HBA Accountants can offer valuable options and professional advices to their customers and will help to increase operational efficiency and performance. There are some services we can provide: 

•Registration of business structures
•Help to change the scope of business
•Setting up business performance indicators
•Building individual and appropriate business strategy
•Providing unique marketing and promotional advice
•Offering unique marketing and promotional advice
•Affording financial management

secretarial services

Company Secretarial Service ensures the compliance of a company and provides advisory services on the companies’ laws and regulations under the Malaysia Companies Act 2016. Besides, it is a suite of services to clients to form/setting up new companies, preparation of necessary resolutions, provides assistance and consultations to the board.

  • Registry of a startup company
  • Compliance with the latest Companies Act, and law and regulations
  • Open Bank Account
  • Business Licences(Manufacturing licence, Construction licence, etc)
  • Trademark Services
  • Halal Certificate Malaysia
  • •Employment Pass (EP)
  • •Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

audit and assurance

An assurance service is an examination process that monitors and analyses the activities related to a company to provide objective certitude and consulting services aimed to add value and enhance the company’s operation. It identifies existing threats and analyses of how it affects your company. Also, it can also help business owner anticipate risk that poses a threat to the company’s operation and growth. A business owner can then formulate effective strategies with all this information to prevent risks and improve business performance and operations.

Outsourcing/Co-Sourcing, Project Assistance, Special Projects

Internal control review, testing, reporting, and solutions

Risk assurance